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Terms and Conditions, Booking Conditions

Last Updated: 30.01.2024

Thank you for choosing AlpineFoxes. If you use our services, the following general terms and conditions (GTCs) and booking conditions apply:


1. Guided tours and all other offered services can be requested and booked by phone or e-mail.

Public group tours can also be booked via web form (Eventbrite).


2. For your individual guided tour, we will provide you with a detailed written offer based on your request, which we will send to you by e-mail. Depending on the request and the effort for the planning we may also charge an individually agreed, separate planning fee.


3. Once you confirm our offer (in case of public guided tours once you receive the electronic booking confirmation)

and, if applicable, payment of the planning fee, the guided tour and our agreed services are booked, you enter into a binding contract with AlpineFoxes, and our General Terms and Conditions become applicable.


4. Payment for public tours is made via the booking system (Eventbrite). For all private bookings, you will receive an invoice and you can choose to pay via bank transfer, by credit card, or

via an electronic payment system (such as PayPal). Other payment methods can be agreed upon by individual arrangement.


5. The prices are valid (unless otherwise stated) only for the guided tour itself. Entrance fees, transportation or catering costs are not included. The prices given for group tours apply to groups of up to 25 people. An additional €12 will be charged for each additional person.


6. Your participation in public tours can be cancelled free of charge via the booking system (Eventbrite) up to 48 hours before the tour. Due to the extensive planning work for individual AlpineFoxes tours, the following cancellation policy applies: Cancellations for private bookings are possible free of charge up to 30 days before the agreed service date. After that, the following cancellation policy applies:


  • 30-15 days before service date: 50% of the agreed price to be paid

  • 14 days before service date: 100% of the agreed price to be paid


An agreed and paid planning fee is neither cancelable or refundable.


7. You participate in our guided tours at your own risk. Guides are only liable for damages they have caused to their guests through unlawful or neglient acts, but under no circumstances if the guest comes to harm by their own behavior or by accident.


8. The AlpineFoxes will provide all services as agreed and to the best of their knowledge. For guide or

tour changes due to unforeseen and uncontrollable events, no liability is assumed and no discount is granted.


9. Sound and film recordings are prohibited during the guided tours, unless otherwise agreed.


10. By participating in a guided tour, the persons present agree that photos and video recordings may be made during the tour and that these may be used for AlpineFoxes press relations or in social media.

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