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Foxtastic Coffee Culture, Part 1: The 5 best Coffee-Houses in the 6th District in Vienna

A cup of coffee ready on a table
Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee

Welcome to Mariahilf aka "Mariahülf", Vienna's cool 6th district! The contrasts are what the appeal here: Picturesque old streets, cool shops, hidden passageways and stairs, grandiose street art and the fantastic view from the terrace of the Haus des Meeres (the former Flak Tower). There is a lot to discover here. After a long walk through the city, a nice cup of coffee is just the thing you'll need. But where to get it from? In this blog post I will introduce you to my favorite coffee houses in the 6th district. From traditional to trendy, everything is included. And the nice thing is: You definitely don't have to queue in front of the door to get a seat!

1. Café Sperl, Gumpendorfer Str. 11:

Here you can immediately feel the history hidden in the walls of this traditional coffee house. Since its opening in 1880, "das Sperl" has offered everything a real Viennese coffee house needs: a wonderfully nostalgic interior, old billiard tables, lots of daily newspapers to read, unbelievably fluffy apricot pancakes and, of course, good coffee. Only the seat cashier no longer exists. So, take a seat, lean back, enjoy your melange and let yourself be enchanted by the relaxed atmosphere of an old suburban café.

View in to a classic Viennese coffee house
People have been reading newspapers here for almost 150 years

2. Café Jelinek, Otto-Bauer-Gasse 5:

Here you can drink your well-deserved coffee in the blue, red or green lounge and feel like you are in an extremely cozy living room. In addition to the corresponding patina on the walls, in winter coziness is also ensured by a wonderfully bubbling old American light oven. That alone is worth a visit! In summer you can comfortably read the newspaper or have a chat outside in the garden. The Jelinek is also a popular meeting place for locals and artists. The relaxed atmosphere and the special flair make it a wonderful place to hang out in the 6th district. And before I forget: the breakfast menu is sensational!

3. Café phil, Gumpendorfer Str. 10 - 12:

If you are looking for a slightly younger and trendier coffee house, Café phil is the right choice. Located directly opposite the Sperl, the phil is a successful symbiosis of coffee house and book shop. You go in, look for a seat, order your coffee or chai, and then get up again and browse through the bookshelves. Then you can read as long as you want. Usually you don't leave here without a book, and that's the way it should be. And if you found your seat particularly comfortable while reading, chatting and drinking, then you can also buy it here and take it home with you. So, dear coffee house sitters, book freaks and friends of old furniture: off to the phil!

4. Cafe Ritter, Mariahilfer Straße 73:

Now we're getting traditional again! The Ritter has been in its current location since the late 1880s. It used to be one of the many large coffee houses on Mariahilfer Strasse, today it is the last surviving Viennese corner cafe. Similar to the Sperl, the Ritter also has everything that makes a typical, traditional Viennese coffee house: the daily newspapers, the pastry display case, the high stucco ceilings, the quiet, relaxed atmosphere and of course Melange, Einspänner and Co. in good old coffee house quality. You'll be happy to sit for a few hours in the wonderful interior of Josef Zotti, a student of Josef Hoffmann!

5. Finally, a few more ideas...

The Cafe Kafka: Patina & Vegetarian food

The Cafe Mill: The garden, the garden!

Das Schadekgasse 12: The little sister of "Liebling" in the 7th district.

And many, many more!

Want to see more? The best way to discover the 6th district is to take a walk with me!

Now all you have to do is lace up your shoes, discover the 6th district on long walks and then head straight to one of the coffee houses! Maybe we'll meet in one of them by chance. Or we'll just go there together from the start.

Looking for more exciting insider tips about Vienna and other travel destinations? You can find even more ideas on or on my Facebook page Be inspired by my recommendations and my walks and come with me on my next tour!

See you soon

Claudia from the Alpine Foxes

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