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Foxtastic Coffee Culture, Part 2: The Best Coffee Houses in Vienna's 4th District

A cup of coffee and a newspaper on a table
Sipping on your coffee while reading the news: A classical Viennese pastime.

Welcome to Wieden, the small but incredibly diverse 4th district of Vienna! Between the Ringstrasse and the Gürtel, between the Naschmarkt and the Belvedere, you'll find the “Fourth” as the Viennese call it. But what's hidden between its small streets? That's mostly unknown to those who don't live in this district and is therefore definitely worth several extensive discovery walks (preferably with me, of course 😉). You'll find aristocratic palaces galore, an ancient hidden mill, a terrific district museum in an old drip spa, some really nice fountains and of course lots and lots of stories to discover behind all the interesting facades. And thank God there are also many nice coffee houses where you can relax with a coffee and a cake! So here are my 5 favorite coffee houses in this wonderful district of Vienna. Traditional, trendy or both at once - and not at all touristy! Join me on this journey of discovery!

1. Café Goldegg, Argentinierstrasse 49:

The Goldegg is a wonderful, classic suburban cafe straight out of a picture book! It was founded in 1910 as Cafe Dobner and has been many things since then: a regular café for railway workers, a meeting place for persecuted trade unionists, a film backdrop and, of course, the home of countless coffee drinkers, cake eaters, newspaper readers, breakfast eaters, billiard players, chatters, etc., in short: all those people who typically live in Vienna and visit the countless coffee houses. Everyone's welcome, so why not have a coffee at the Goldegg?

A cup of coffee and a glass of water on a coffeehouse table
Sometimes, this is all you need for the next couple of hours.

2. Vollpension, Schleifmühlgasse 16:

What an idea, what a story! Born from the frustration over a dry piece of cake and the longing for a juicy pastry "like grandma made at home", an ingenious concept, a classic win-win situation and a wonderful cross-generational project emerged in 2012. Vollpension (which means "Full board" in German) has the juiciest cakes and tarts, baked by proud "grandmas and grandpas", who use their retirement to share their best recipes with Vienna and the world. Go there, chat, learn the stories behind the people and enjoy the unique plush ambience! The Vollpension rocks!

3. Café Wortner, Wiedner Hauptstraße 55:

Wow: The Wortner is already 143 years old this year, making it one of the oldest existing coffee houses in Vienna. Since its foundation in 1880, it has been a central meeting place for young and old in the middle of the 4th district on the beautiful Wiedner Hauptstrasse. They have delicious coffee and fluffy pastries and a very, very nice breakfast menu! Of course, you can also eat “properly” (and really well!) here, especially in summer, when you can sit in the wonderful garden right behind the babbling Engelbrunnen (whose story I would like to tell you - you just need to join me on one of my adventures). And when it's cold outside, you can also sit comfortably inside, warming up on a cup of hot chocolate. A tip for every season!


4. Cafe Carl Ludwig, Favoritenstraße 7:

The Carl Ludwig is the junior among the coffee houses mentioned so far. It was only opened in 2019, by three friends - all three lovers and connoisseurs of really, really good coffee - at a very special location. In the warmer seasons, you will sit in the hidden, green courtyard of the magnificent Palais Carl Ludwig on Favoritenstrasse. True to the motto: "You don't see what you don't know", many people simply walk past this treasure and thus miss out on first-class coffee, baristas who are among the best in the city and one of the most hidden and elegant gardens you can sit in in this already pretty beautiful city. So if you want to see where Emperor Franz Joseph's younger brother Carl Ludwig lived over a cup of first-class Melange (or any other of the many famous Viennse specialty coffees), then go to "Carl Ludwig"!

5. Cafe Anzengruber, Schleifmühlgasse 19:

The Anzengruber isn't actually a real coffee house, or rather: it hasn't been one for a long time. Nevertheless, I included it in this list, because it evolved to be more than what it once was! If you enter the restaurant (a true institution in the Freihausviertel) and see the furniture, you think: Of course, a coffee house! But as soon as you take a look at the menu, you see: This is rather a bohemian artists haunt! Ultimately, the Anzengruber is a successful mixture of inn, pub, artist bar and living room for the many regular guests, opening from 4 p.m. from Monday to Friday, but staying open until one o'clock in the morning. So this is more about wine and beer than coffee. Nevertheless, or perhaps especially because of this, this is an absolute fox recommendation!

And of course there's much more to discover!

Interested to find out more? The best way to discover Vienna is to take a walk with me!

Now all you have to do is lace up your shoes, discover the 4th district on long walks, and then head straight to one of the coffee houses! Maybe we'll meet in one of them by chance. Or better yet, we go there together!

Looking for more exciting insider tips about Vienna and other travel destinations in Austria? You can find even more ideas on or on my Facebook page Be inspired by my recommendations and my walks and come with me on my next guided tour!

See you soon

Claudia from the Alpine Foxes

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