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Looking for excursion tips in autumn? No problem! Here are 3 tips on where to go in Austria in fall!

View of Vienna and the danube in fall
Fall has finally arrived in Vienna

Where do you, clever fox, go in November when it gets really uncomfortable outside? What if it gets too clammy in the castles near, and too slippery on the hiking trails of Vienna? When all the Buschenschanken on Nußberg & Co are closed and waiting for spring? When Advent in Vienna, with its lights and Christmas markets, is within reach, but not quite there yet? Or if you're just not in the Advent mood yet?

I assume that you prefer to spend your leisure activities somewhere dry and warm, so on the culinary side, in a Viennese coffee house, a tavern or a chic bar, or on the cultural side, in a theater, the opera, a cinema... the list is long! Unless, of course, you come with me on a tour of Vienna. Or on a trip through Austria together. But you also have enough to do on your own:

Vienna and Austria are, among other things, blessed with great museums: there are over 800 museums throughout Austria, around 200 in Vienna alone, and every single one is worth a visit. It is often difficult to make a selection. Do you want to enjoy art? Or would you rather find out more about another topic, for example... owls? Or history, magic wands, bees, clocks, medieval weapons, shoes, toilets, weapons, literature, aviation, wine, beer, carriages? I'm telling you: There is a museum for almost everything in Austria, the diversity is almost unbelievable and is begging to be discovered. There is something for every taste!

So, to make it easier for you, I'll pick out three of my favourites here, simply because I personally like them and because they of course go well with the season. They simply prepare you well for the cold times ahead. So, come with me on a little journey from Vienna to all of Austria. We'll start off with the most wintry museum there is:

A person holding a snow globe in their hand
It's always winter in the snow globe museum

  1. The Snow Globe Museum, what else? The story of Erwin Perzy, who was actually a surgical instrument mechanic and became the inventor of the Vienna snow globe more or less by chance, is always exciting to hear. The "Original Vienna Snow Globe Manufactory" and the Snow Globe Museum have existed in Vienna's 17th district since 1900, now run by the 4th Perzy generation. It's unbelievable what can be put into these little glass balls. So let's go and have fun shaking! Snow Globe Museum, Schumanngasse 87, 1170 Vienna You can find the exact opening times during Advent on the museum website:

  2. The Chimney Sweep Museum: The location alone in a former municipal Tröpferlbad (i.e. public shower room) is worth seeing. The Chimney Sweep Museum itself was opened in 1985 and houses a really interesting collection of stoves (including the legendary Piperlofen), sweeping cats, iron balls and other utensils relating to the history of this ancient and important trade. The tradition of chimney sweeps on the afternoon of December 31st is particularly nice. They invite the New Year's Eve shoppers for a glass of champagne! That's surely worth a stop, isn't it? It can't hurt to stop by the lucky charms on the last day of the year! Chimney Sweep Museum, Klagbaumgasse 4, 1040 Vienna Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (not during school holidays)

  3. The Winter Sports Museum: What a special treasure! Well worth the trip through the beginning of the Alps, to Mürzzuschlag in Styria. It's just so wonderfully nostalgic to see all these old ski bindings, skis and outfits. Guaranteed to make childhood memories come back! The ski collection alone is huge, from the 2000-year-old original model to the winning skis from Franz Klammer, to Marcel Hirscher's racing skis. Even the dashing skis from James Bond are exhibited! In the in-house, original indoor ski hut, Sterz is cooked from time to time and if that's not the case, you'll still be well looked after at the bar. Absolute AlpineFoxes recommendation for ski, toboggan and snow freaks! Winter Sports Museum, Wiener Straße 13, 8680 Mürzzuschlag From December 1, 2023: Monday to Wednesday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Thursday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m

Well, do you feel like visiting one, or all of these three special museums and welcoming fall and winter? I love all three of them, so maybe we'll meet in one of them by chance. Or, best of all, we can go there together! Because you know: Nobody knows Austria better than the AlpineFoxes! And nowhere can you discover Vienna and Austria better than on a guided tour with me.

Looking for more exciting insider tips about Vienna and all of Austria? You can find even more ideas on or on my Facebook page Let yourself be inspired by my recommendations and my walks and come along to the next city tour in Vienna!

See you soon


Claudia from the AlpineFoxes

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